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We understand the complexities & intricacies Doctors face.

We help Doctors use their income to build real wealth & reach the lifestyle they aspire to.

Tailored financial planning

As a doctor, you’ve worked hard for your money, and it deserves thoughtful consideration. We work with our Medical clients to develop financial plans that are meticulously designed to meet their financial goals, taking into account your lifestyle priorities. We specialise in building personalised plans that allow our clients to enjoy the lifestyle they’ve worked hard for, and to enjoy their money, without the worry.

Investment strategies

Our approach to investment management is considered and designed to withstand and benefit from inevitable market cycles. We take a structured evidence-based approach to investing, without relying on making forecasts or predictions. Our clients are well placed to exceed their goals via investment strategies that are closely tailored to their objectives and risk profile.

Cash flow utilisation

Correctly managing cash flow is an often over-looked but very important factor in wealth accumulation, particularly for busy doctors. Having a plan to allocate surplus cash flow into appropriate investments is key. We work with clients to determine the most appropriate strategy to manage their cash flow in line with their goals, and set about automating this where possible to save time.

Superannuation advice

Superannuation is an excellent structure to invest in, with low tax rates and the potential to significantly impact your wealth. However, it is complex, and the rules around super are ever-changing, so it needs to be carefully managed. We work with our clients to ensure they make the most of the significant contribution, investment, and withdrawal strategies available to maximise wealth.

Personal insurance

As a doctor, often your biggest financial asset is your future earnings capacity throughout your career. We work with our clients to ensure that this asset is protected with the right level of life, TPD and income protection insurances, helping to find the right balance between required cover and cost. Because we don’t accept any commissions, our medical clients typically benefit from significant discounts on their insurance costs.

Tax minimisation

As a medical professional, you will likely pay a lot of tax in your life, so it is important to ensure you aren’t paying any more tax than you need to. We ensure your affairs and investments are structured appropriately to optimise your after-tax returns. Our approach ensures that clients take advantage of a range of opportunities to minimise unnecessary taxes and risks within their portfolio.

Retirement planning

Retirement planning is less about leaving work, and more about gaining financial independence so that you have the option to do what you want in life, when you want. We work with many clients in the years leading up to retirement to maximise their wealth to support their retirement goals.

Estate planning

Ultimately, estate planning is important to ensure that your beneficiaries are appropriately looked after when you are no longer here. We consider the financial aspects of your estate planning, ensuring that consideration is given to aspects like super and insurance. Often, we project manage the entire estate planning process on behalf of our clients, helping them to appoint & liaise with an appropriate solicitor to complete the work.

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Financial advice tailored for your journey

Doctors have unique financial planning requirements, and we understand the complexities & intricacies you face well. We work with many emerging consultants, established specialists, practice owners, and Doctors planning for retirement.

Emerging Consultants & Specialists

As you move into a Consultant/Specialist role, your income shifts. This is an important time to establish a framework for your new chapter, and to reset your strategy to ensure you can best protect & grow your wealth as your career progresses. Getting things right from the start can make a significant difference, so it’s important that your finances are set up to work hard for you and your family.

Established Consultants & Specialists

As your career progresses, so too can your financial complexity. It is important that you are capitalising on the opportunity to accelerate your wealth, including having considered investment strategies in place to support your longer term priorities. Protecting your greatest asset – yourself – is also important, as is giving significant consideration to your financial freedom so that you have greater flexibility regarding workload in the years ahead.

Practice Owners

We are also proud to work with many medical practice owners. We understand first-hand the complexities and pressures that come with business ownership. We work with practice owners to intimately understand their personal situation, and help them make the most out of their business structures to support their personal goals.

Doctors Planning for Retirement

Retirement planning is less about leaving work, and more about having the financial freedom to make whatever choices you want regarding work and your lifestyle in the later years of your career. We provide advice to help our clients enjoy the retirement or flexibility that they’ve worked so hard for.

Less than 1% of financial advisers in Australia are independent.
We are.

Approximately 1% of financial advisers in Australia are declared independent; the vast majority are affiliated with large banks or institutions, have in-house products, and receive commissions.

We are proud to be different.

We provide unbiased client-centric thinking that is dictated only by your priorities. Our sole incentive is achieving the best outcomes for clients.

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