Independent advice

Independent advice is advice that is free from conflicts or bias. As an Independent firm, we provide advice that is truly in our clients’ best interests.

Unbiased and transparent advice

We believe that an Independent model guarantees the best outcomes for our clients. Because there is no financial benefit for recommending a particular product or strategy, we are truly unbiased, allowing us to tailor advice for the specific needs of each client.

No affiliations or in-house products

We receive no benefit for, and have no obligation to, recommend any particular product. We are free to pick and choose strategies and investments that are in our clients best interests.

No commissions

As Independent advisers, we receive no commissions for any products or strategies we recommend to our clients. Our independence gives clients an additional layer of confidence that we are acting in their best interests.

Purely fee for service model

To ensure an independent structure, we charge clients a fixed annual fee, which is based purely on their unique needs and situation. We receive no commissions, and our fees are determined only by the work required, not by your wealth or wealth growth.

Independent Financial Advisers – Brisbane

Approximately 1% of financial advisors in Australia are independent; the vast majority are affiliated with large banks or institutions, have in-house products, and receive commissions.

Our independence is part of who we are. We exist to provide truly client-centric thinking, and our view is that the only way to ensure this is to be a truly independent organisation.

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