Retirement advice

We provide advice to help maximise your financial position in retirement.

Retirement planning is less about leaving work, and more about gaining financial independence, so that you have options in life.

At Oxlade Financial, we work with many clients who are already retired, as well as those who are preparing to retire in the next 5-10 years.

Our approach is to work closely with these clients to not only maximise their financial position and ensure they can achieve their retirement goals, but also to make sure they can enjoy their money in the here and now.

Financial independence

Retirement planning is less about leaving work, but more about gaining financial independence, so that you have more options in life. At Oxlade, we work with clients in, and leading up to, retirement, to ensure we can maximise their retirement goals.

Goal establishment

As with all of our financial planning, our first priority is to work with clients to establish their goals for retirement. These goals then form that basis of our financial plans, and our priority is to maximise your financial position at this phase of life.

Tailored plans

Every client is different. So too is the advice we provide them.

Your personal retirement goals will dictate the financial plan we develop for you. As an independent firm, we are unconstrained in the strategies and products we can consider and recommend for you.

Proactive plan reviews

We bring an active, ongoing approach to managing your affairs, meaning we adjust for changes in your life and the world. Whilst we always work with the long game in mind, we also proactively contact clients to make adjustments and improvements on a regular, ongoing basis.

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