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How our client improved her expected retirement position by $500,000

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Meet Sandy* – a single Professional in her late 30s.


When Sandy first contacted us for advice, her financial position was as follows:

  • Income of $230,000 per annum
  • Super balance of $260,000
  • Other investments (including shares from an employee share scheme) of $60,000


As Financial Advisers, our key responsibility is to help our clients achieve their goals. In Sandy’s case, she had some clear & exciting financial objectives, including:
  • Buy a home (and understand the financial needs involved in doing so)
  • Establish alternative income streams, in addition to her salary
  • Gain financial independence and freedom for the future
  • Enjoy her lifestyle along the way (without money being a limiting factor)


She did, however, have some concerns:

  • Sandy had never given finance much thought
  • She wanted to be smarter with her money, but was unsure how to maximise her wealth, especially whilst keeping flexibility, which was important to her


Given these concerns, we worked closely with Sandy, not only to provide her with a recommended strategy, but also to ensure that we provided her with the knowledge and confidence that were important to her along the way.


The key elements of the strategy we recommended for Sandy included:
  • A diversified investment strategy that best capitalised on existing opportunities, whilst transforming these into a diverse and strong portfolio into the future
  • Reset Sandy’s investment asset allocation (both personally and inside super) to better match her priorities, goals, situation and risk tolerance
  • Debt recycling in order to enable more tax effective investing
  • A revised superannuation contribution strategy to better support Sandy’s long term desire for financial freedom
  • Adjusted personal insurances to better match Sandy’s needs, carefully balancing cost & effectiveness


Ultimately, the biggest wealth highlights for Sandy as a result of her tailored Financial Plan include:
  • A projected improvement in Sandy’s asset position of $500,000 by retirement
  • An expected $80,000 income tax saving as a result of debt recycling over time
  • Building an alternative income stream


However, as Advisers, we know it is about more than just money. The biggest non-monetary highlight we have achieved with Sandy so far is her confidence! Sandy is now much more certain about her ability to achieve the objectives that matter to her, and to manage life’s financial curveballs. She has the knowledge that she is building towards financial freedom, and is confident to make investment decisions that support this longer term goal. Sandy no longer has that nagging voice wondering if she could be doing more with her money.

If you want to understand how independent financial advice can help you achieve your financial goals, please don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule a cost and obligation free conversation with one of our Advisers. We’d be delighted to help.


* Client name changed to protect confidentiality


Any information in this article is general in nature and does not consider any of your personal objectives, financial situation and needs. It is as intended, to be of a general nature only and NOT a recommendation to you. You should consider whether the information is appropriate to your needs, and where appropriate, seek personal advice from a registered financial adviser.

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